DMG Financial

Innovative Business Finacing

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t need the Money (now):

Let me ask you something, how long have you been planning on starting
a business? Why would you want to wait and put off starting your business
any longer? By securing your financing now at 0% we have found that this
actually provides urgency and helps to push business owners forward. The
results have been outstanding for these business owners who have moved

If I get money now I have to pay your fees:

The good news is the fees are rolled into the credit lines so you can finance
our funding fee, the monthly payments are just $50 to $100 usually. 99% of
business owners would gladly pay $50 to $100 a month to have capital
available in case of emergency or to be able to take advantage of
opportunities that come along.

I need to talk with my spouse or business partner?

The credit report is a soft pull and not a hard one, so we can at least get you
preapproved now and then review all of the details of the program with
your partner/spouse

Are these credit cards? I don’t want to go the credit lines

Where have you gone for business financing? You only have 3 potential
options, a bank loan if you have collateral like free and clear real estate and
3 years of biz tax returns with massive profits which your business doesn’t
have, a short term 6 month loan at 30 to 50% interest which expensive daily
payments or our credit lines at 0% interest for the first 12 months and low,
affordable monthly payments calculated at 12%
of your balance, we havedone business loans for over a decade, this is the best
business financing available for your business.

I want to go to a local bank or I can just go to my local

First of all, the bank is limited to their small box of products, and 8 out of 10
businesses are outside of the box, we work with a vast network of funding
partners and lenders who have products that fit your business. We have
funded SBA and other bank loans and it takes 3 years in business and 3
years of business tax returns with massive profits, is that what your
business has? Ok, then this is not a legit option, our credit lines program is
the very best program your business can qualify for.

Why do I need you, why can't I do this myself?

We have had a lot of clients who have felt the same way and tried to do it on
their own and only get approved for $10k or less because they don't fill out
the app right or ask the right questions, it takes years to understand the
process and do it the right way, then unfortunately, due to the inquiries on
their credit they have to wait another 6 to 12 months before they are eligible
to secure funding. There are over 1,000 different credit lines available and
our Funding Managers know the right lines that will work for your business
and most importantly that you will qualify for. If you were going to trial for a
crime you didn’t commit, would you want to represent yourself or have an
attorney by your side.

Can I get just 25k or a lower amount of money?

That’s a great question, First we need to make sure that you qualify for the 0%
credit lines and higher amounts.