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Thank you for your interest in our funding program. We are excited to help you grow your business by securing the very best capital that you can possibly qualify for.

If you are looking to start a business, expand, get additional working capital, invest in real estate or buy a business, you’ll want to know about the most flexible and powerful type of unsecured funding there is.

We are able to provide unsecured lines of credit from $25,000 to $200,000 at 0% APR for the first year, then competitive rates after that of 6%-18% depending on what you qualify for.

Since these are unsecured lines of credit, no collateral is needed and you make payments on what you actually use of your credit lines. The monthly payments are only 2% of what you use and all of that goes towards principle in the first year!

To make sure we’re not wasting your time let’s get you pre-approved as soon as possible.

At least one corporate officer must meet the following criteria:

• Reasonable credit debt ratios

• 660+ FICO credit score

• No derogatory credit marks within 6 months

• No judgments, collections, or tax liens in unpaid status

• No Bankruptcies reporting

• At least established bank credit line; with $2,000+ limit

• The guarantor must maintain a clean credit profile through the Funding program.

What You Get:

Up to 200,000 in Business Credit Card Lines (unsecured)


• Business Credit Cards 0-3% promotional rates for 3-18 months for most clients.

• 7.9%-19.9% APR

• Rates and offers vary based on economic conditions, market changes, industry codes, state of business formation, credit profile, and various other factors.

About Our Credit Lines

• Grow your business with up to $200,000

• Flexible, only pay interest on funds you use

• Will not hurt your personal credit

• Easier to qualify for than normal loans

• Start fast, don’t miss opportunities

• Approvals in 2 business days

• Funding as fast as 10 business days

• Enjoy introductory rates as low as 0%

Common Uses:

• Start a new business

• Market to new clients

• Acquiring new equipment or supplies

• Build a website, start online marketing

• Create great new products or services!

We use Credit Check Total exclusively for our pre-qualification process.

Please visit and sign up for a detailed credit report. The report is $1, and will not show up as a hard inquiry on your credit report. We will then be able to qualify you for our program or advise you with a game plan so that you can qualify for funding with the assistance of a credit partner.

Click Here For Paper Application

Please Call Us at (800) 658-0576 EXT 2 to apply or Email Application to or Fax Application to (800) 658-1376  

We do require 680+ credit scores to qualify. Once we receive your credit report from you, we will submit it for pre-qualification with our underwriting department.

If your credit score is under the 680 requirement, we may be able to still obtain the funding using a Personal Guarantor. A Personal Guarantor can be a family member, business partner, spouse or friend who would be able to meet the 680 credit score requirement.

If your credit score is not above 680, and can't get a cosigner, we have other inovative programs you may qualify for. Contact Us for further details.

We hope you will invest the time now for your future financial success and get your foundation set up for your company. Remember building business credit is a process that takes time and expertise.

Once you have setup your account with, please provide us with your username and password so we can review your credit report.

Please Email or Call (800) 658-0576 EXT 2 with any questions.